Google Search VS Bing Search - Which Is Better?

You likely already have a search engine that you favor over the others. The truth is, a lot that goes into choosing one over another comes with preference. Also, it might be easier to use one over the other based on the devices that you use. In this article, we will discuss some of the reasons you might choose one over another.

Reasons You Might Opt For Google Search Vs Bing Search:


1. Ecosystem Integration.

If you are someone that owns Android phones, tablets, and even Chromebook devices, you are likely going to be much more inclined to choose Google as your primary search engine of choice. This is because it is going to be much more tightly integrated into your chosen ecosystems. Whereas, if you are someone that primarily uses Windows-based devices, you are likely going to be more inclined to stick with Microsoft's default Edge browser as it is the best optimized for Windows 10 devices.

2. Browser Integration.

Another big thing that is likely going to factor into your preference would be what browser you use on not only your mobile devices but your desktop and/or laptop devices as well. If you are someone that uses Windows 10 and you stick to the default Edge browser installed, you might be more inclined to stick with Bing as your preferred search engine. Whereas, if you are someone that installs Google's Chrome browser no matter what device you are on, you are likely going to stick with Google's default search engine. If you are primarily an Apple user, you are likely going to be using the default browser which recently switched from Microsoft's Bing to Google's. Google pays Apple a significant amount of money to be Safari's default search engine in Apple devices.

3. User Interface.

Some prefer the simplistic and minimalist look and feel that Google offers. Whereas, a lot of other people much prefer Microsoft's approach. This is going to be purely subjective and it is likely to weigh heavily in deciding which search engine you prefer. Nowadays, both of the results look fairly similar to Bing as certainly toned down its aesthetics to be much more simplified and minimalist as well.

4. Free Stuff.

Another big difference that you are likely going to notice with Bing and Google is the fact that Microsoft is willing and able to offer free stuff for simply using the search engine. Likely a symptom of being behind in terms of market share, Microsoft is willing to pay people to effectively utilize their search engine as their default engine of choice. They do this with a program called Microsoft rewards. With this program, users that meet certain criteria and that consistently use the search engine are able to accumulate points that they can redeem for rewards periodically.

Overall, picking the search engine that is right for you is typically going to be something that is purely subjective. While search engines used to be very different in terms of the results they would give off, both Bing and Google have become so good at what they are intended to do that it can be difficult basing it on performance alone. You will likely want to pick the option that is most convenient and streamlined for the ecosystem that you use on a daily basis.