Updated: Oct 5, 2018

With all the marketing and advertising methods out there today, why should your business focus on Search Engines AKA Google?

Search Engines are the backbone of the Internet. Without them, it would be utter chaos out there. Finding anything online would be virtually impossible for the everyday consumer (like us) and the applicable uses for the Internet would drop significantly.

Think about it. The first place anyone goes to when they want to find information is a search engine. And what's the most powerful search engine in the world? Google.

In fact, Google has become synonymous with searching for anything online.

Consumers actually have access to so much information that we now have a new problem: choice. How does one choose from so many different options?

Again, the answer is Google.

Not being on page 1 of Google today for relevant search terms for your business is exponentially worse than not being in the Yellow Pages was 20+ years ago.

The number of people you're failing to reach by not optimizing your search results is game-changing. When the Yellow Pages were still hot, there were only so many people looking for any one type of services in any one area. But with the access and inter-connectivity that the Internet provides, most businesses are losing out on hundreds and thousands of leads simply by not being where everyone is looking for them.

Every single day, people are searching online for solutions to their problems.

The major obstacle businesses have now is being found with so many other options so readily available for consumers. Which is why savvy entrepreneurs everywhere are willing to pay an arm and a leg to advertise their businesses online.

Facebook, YouTube, Adwords, PPC, PPV, PPL, and the list goes on.

All great ways to advertise, yet they're not all created equal.

The power of search engines when it comes to reaching your target market is unmatched.

Social Media and similar platforms are great ways to reach who you want to reach, but getting someone's attention while they're trying to do something else takes a unique message and fantastic offer.

This disruptive style of advertising is much less effective and ends up costing a ton of money because it doesn't always convert all that well.

Someone on Facebook browsing through their feed is less likely to click on an ad about Kitchen Remodeling even if they've been actively thinking about getting a new look for their kitchen.

All because that's not where their attention is on at that exact moment.

In contrast, someone on Google, searching for Home Remodeling is much more likely to click on an ad talking about the same topic.

And yet, there's still something about ads that turn people off in general.

While advertising on Google may be the way to go for a lot of businesses because it is an easy way to place your solution in front of people who happen to be looking for their solution, it's still not the most effective.

Not only do you have to pay for every click that comes your way, but people are generally less trusting of advertisements than they are of organic results.

We all know that ads are paying to be displayed to us. They hold no real value other than the advertiser thinking it might be of interest to us.

We've been conditioned as a society to ignore ads for the most part. The phenomenon even has a name: banner blindness. Most of us literally don't even "see" ads like we do normal content.

Ads get blocked out by the brain. The same way you block out spam emails or telemarketing calls.

It's the way our brains cope with all the stimuli in the modern world.

That means that most of the people you're paying to be shown to when you pay for advertising are literally blind to your message. And those who do click on your ad are on guard of being sold something that they don't want.

People hate ads but LOVE Google.

This dichotomy is why Search Engine Optimization is such a powerful form of marketing. And why Agencies like Go For Gold SEO are helping so many businesses thrive in this new economy.

By ranking organically for relevant terms, businesses are effectively getting the approval of the most powerful and trusted corporation in the world right now - Google.

People click through to your website expecting good things and not apprehensive of someone just trying to sell them something.

The trust will be there, the interest will be there, and the conversions are therefore much higher.


If that makes sense to you, and you understand why Google is such a huge player in the success of your business then feel free to contact us to find out how our SEO can make this system work for you.

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